Three Insurance


The Program

Building a new insurance business in just 223 days.

Fjord and the global Accenture team partnered to build a new human-centric insurance product for Berkshire Hathaway — THREE. I led the in-house cross-functional team consisting of design, UX, and tech to deliver on our goals by establishing effective working models and building the business’ design capabilities from the ground up. I also directly shaped the product by defining the brand language, leading user research, and designing the digital experience including establishing the longer-term product roadmap through data-driven prioritization.

All-in-all we talked to 550+ small business owners, designed the customer brand and experience, launched a multi-channel go-to-market campaign, and developed a scalable multi-cloud digital platform — all in under a year.

Designing the product

Perfecting the omni-channel application.

I led a team of eight visual, interaction, and UX designers to build an end-to-end digital experience from the customer-facing marketing website, the quote process, and the customer account center. 


Designing the experience

Comprehensive meets immersive.

For the product launch, I partnered with the marketing team and a third-party industrial design team to develop an immersive booth experience for the 2019 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting. This was the first opportunity for THREE to demonstrate its service and value proposition to prospective customers.

Iterative design optimization

For the design optimization workstream, I used tools like Fullstory and Google Analytics to monitor users’ interactions, gather and analyze engagement data, prioritize design optimization tasks, and solve the right problems.


Guided by voices

Once the team honed into problem areas, I used various tools to constantly learn about our users’ mindsets and pain points. From these learnings, the team was able to optimize ad campaign strategy, call center experience, the quote process, and more.

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